The lotus is considered the oldest flowering plant. Its fragrant flowers have adorned reservoirs since the Mesozoic era. Karl Linnaeus was the first to describe this plant, placing it in the Waterlily family, with whose representatives the lotus has a certain similarity, but after a while M. Adamson managed to convince scientists of the uniqueness of the plant, and since then the lotus is the only representative of the Lotus family.

Are lotus and lily the same thing? If not, what are the differences between them?

well, I would not speak for Dioscorides, who died more than 2 thousand years ago, as well as deal with the botanical knowledge of Indians and Egyptians, but now in our country a lotus is a lotus (Nelumbo), and what is called water lilies - water lilies (Nymphaea). these are different families.
how do they differ? The lotus leaves stick out like umbrellas above the water. and also - clearly fruits, well, and a pestle, respectively
by the lotus

the water lily has a barrel with seeds inside

so it cannot be said that this is the same thing - these are completely different plants.

You probably mean the water lily? The correct name is nymphaea or water lily - Nymphaeceae family.
Lotus is a representative of the Lotus family (lat.Nelumbonaceae).

In India and Egypt, as well as in Dioscorides, various types of water lilies (Nymphaea caerulea Saw., N. Lotus L.) were called lotus, as well as the nut-bearing lotus Nelumbo nucifera (Gaertn.)

So we can say that the water lily and the lotus are one and the same.
Let's not confuse it with a garden lily. And it's impossible to confuse them :)

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